Why My Cat Licks Me Listen from an Insider Meow!

If you are a sure Master Cat Lover you have already experienced the greatest demonstration of love on the part of your kitten: that he licks you. Find out why he does it.

For all Master Cat Lover there are certain moments that are priceless. One of them is when you are curled up with your kitten and he starts to lick you. It’s very cute, right? But have you ever wondered why this peculiar demonstration of love is due?

Cats wash each other only when there is a strong bond, as is the case with a mother to her children or between siblings. It is their way of linking with others and exchanging odors. That’s why if your cat licks your fingers, hair or face especially, you have to take it as the most beautiful of compliments. It means that he has a special connection with you, since it is not common for them to do so with humans.

If it is a baby who was separated from his mother early it is also very possible that he is imitating what he did when he was breastfeeding.

It may even be that it is marking territory, something that in turn is demonstrated when your kitten passes his whiskers through the furniture or his sanitary litter box. In their saliva cats have particles that will stay in your skin, which will make it easier for you to recognize yourself by the smell.

If your pussy is obsessed with licking your fingers, you might be emanating a smell that attracts him a lot. If you work a lot with plants or food, that can be a key factor.

However, if you refuse to be licked and your cat gets angry and bites you, it may be a reflection that he has a lot of energy or needs a lot of attention.

If this behavior is repeated at certain times of the day it may be that your kitten wants to eat or that you open the door to go out to the garden. Be aware of the routine they carry to understand what you want.

However, the important thing is that if your kitty licks you, it is because he loves you. Congratulations: you are already a Master Cat Lover!

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