What To Say To A Girl In Tinder: 6 Examples And Tips from Nerd Kitty

If you feel frustrated by the lack of success in your Tinder matches, then you should reconsider what you are communicating to the women you face. Most likely, you are sending messages like “Hello!”, Which may seem perfectly normal, but it will not be enough since women receive many messages in the application.

That’s why what you say to a girl in Tinder really matters. If you want the conversation to continue moving towards an appointment, here are some tips and examples that will help you.

  • Make a quick analysis of your profile.
    View Sherlock Holmes in full with his profile. Check her biography, photos and interests to create an easy, but personal, conversation starter that makes her feel special and shows that you are really interested in her as a person. (And not just a random match.)

For example, if you are a diner, join that and say something like:
«What is your last ideal meal? Like, you’re in prison, that’s all. What would you eat?

  • Be encouraged.
    Taking out a GIF immediately is a good way not only to get your attention, but to help keep things light. A funny GIF that relates to your profile, or something that is so wild that you have to respond, is a great way to create a connection. Women love to laugh and make her smile will help you remember.

Example: Put a funny GIF of a dancer dog and say, “I may not be able to twerk as well as this dog, but I swear I have some movements.”

  • Start with a game.
    Involving her in a game of some kind is intriguing and fun, and is sure to provoke a response from her. There are some that you could try. Maybe I would involve her with the game “Kiss, Marry or Kill” or maybe I would involve her with a game of “Would you rather”. Again, look at your profile to get an idea of ​​what I could ask you.

Example: “Would you rather leave pizza or wine for a year?”

  • 4. Commit it to travel.
    Most people include travel photos in their profile. The least interesting option would be to ask: “What did you think about going backpacking in Europe?” However, if you want to stand out, you may want to start with a challenge. “Congratulations! You have a free weekend vacation. Where are you going?” It is an attractive start, in addition to that it could take you to other travel and vacation topics, and more.
  • Role play.
    No, this is not classified as R. This is another example of how to play a game with your game. It’s a great introduction to her sense of humor, and it’s another easy way for her to get involved with you in a playful way.

Example: «Well, you’re running from the police. What have you done? Then you can continue with: «So who am I? The soft FBI agent or the idiot who delivers you?

  • Don’t be afraid of being cheesy.
    Sometimes you don’t have to be smart. Showing your silly and cheesy sense of humor is not only genuine but it can be that endearing quality that will help you connect with you. The cheesy phrases do not have to be a no-no if they reflect what you would say in real life.

For example: »I’ve been in love with you for two hours». »I hope you know that I am 100% committed to this obstacle relationship».

Ultimately, when it comes to talking with a woman in Tinder, it is necessary to remember some key things: keep it authentic, keep it personal and keep it light. Bring your best genuine and stupid being into a conversation and make him feel full of fun instead of a job interview. Make the conversation personal so you don’t feel like a simple number, and always be yourself. Because it’s who’s going to appear on the date, right?

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