How to Fix a Broken Heart Simplified 10 Steps

When our heart falls into the powerful claws of heartbreak, desolation invades us and we believe that we can never get it out of there. However, it can be done and there are even some steps that will help you achieve it.

heart break

Time needed: 45 days.

10 Steps to Fix a Broken Heart. Do not skip any or it will not take effect.

  1. Put him in a safe place

    He has been injured and will need intensive care, protect him from anything that could hurt him, focus completely on his recovery.

  2. Let it vent

    Never repress it, let it cry, scream and kick. Feel pain and need to get it out of place.

  3. Separate it

    Consent and promise that everything will be fine. Surround it with the people who love you most. Go shopping, to the movies or for a coffee.

  4. Fulfill all your cravings

    If you want chocolate, give it chocolate. If you want to watch romantic movies put the most cheesy.

  5. Do not force it

    You don’t want to remove the bandages before they completely heal their wounds. By forcing it you will only make your next fall much worse.

  6. Buy earplugs

    There will be many people who try to give you love advice and tell you what to do and not do. The only solution is to make deaf ears and give it time, the only one that will give you the starting signal is him.

  7. Make him laugh

    Laughter is the best medicine for heartbreak, go out with friends and have a great time.

  8. Put a firm hand on love

    There will be a few hallucinations caused by the heartbreak fever, and he will want to go out to the ring ahead of time. But you have the obligation to put a firm hand. They can have fun and practice but nothing serious can be.

  9. Don’t press it

    The process will take according to the pain you have felt. Recovery can be fast or very slow. So it would be better to be patient.

  10. Listen to it

    He will let you know that he is ready for a new love. You will know when the time is right.

Everything’s Gonna be Alright

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