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Uninstalling applications on Android is not very complicated, but there are so many ways to do it. Do you know them?

Installing applications on a mobile with Android is as simple as opening the Google Play Store and download whatever we want. More or less, of course, there are always payment applications that will need just that, a payment. But how to delete apps on Android? Just as simple as to download them to the phone, right?

Android is such a versatile system that there is no single way to uninstall applications , there are several. You may not have counted them, but they are a few; and increase depending on the brand of the device: there are manufacturers that integrate their own de-sealing mechanism. So there will be a review of all the ways to extract the apps from your Android.

I will talk about the “normal” applications, those that we install from Google Play or in APK format. But not only user apps, I will also leave a space to uninstall system applications , those that, at most, are left only disabled. Do you accompany me in the review?

Screenshot are from Android One. Depending on the brand screen might be slightly different.

The universal way: using Android settings

Time needed: 5 minutes.

The way that is always present, whatever the mobile model, is to remove applications using the menu just that, applications. You can remove all user apps and usually disable system applications . The process is the following:

  1. Enter the settings of your Android and look for the “Applications” option.

  2. Search among all installed applications the one you want to remove.

  3. Enter your options by clicking on the application and click on “Uninstall”.
    In the event that the application is a system, it is likely that you will see a “Disable” or “Disable”: pressing there the application is not deleted, but does not work. Something practical if you want to save battery, for example.

This is a somewhat cumbersome way that, however, allows you to remove all user applications. With the system ones it is something else because they are protected precisely so as not to be deleted, but maybe you can deactivate them so that they no longer work.

Drag the application to the top of the screen

This method is also usually universal, although it may not be included in your mobile. Or that it works somewhat differently, each brand executes the basic options in its own way.

Long touch on the app until the app drawer appears. You can usually drag any application from the app drawer to the top of the screen: a menu should be enabled with the ” Uninstall“, also “Add shortcut”. There are times that it works only with apps in the app drawer and other times that are also worth dragging the desktop shortcut. Option names may vary.

Using the context menu of the icons

The shortcuts in the icons that Android 7 Nougat released not only allow us to enter specific options of the applications, it also enables us to uninstall them. Sometimes directly, others send us to the app information to uninstall it there. You just have to press and hold on an application and you will see that a menu appears ( in Android 7 Nougat or higher , it also depends on the manufacturer and mobile model). Click on the “X” if it appears or, if not, on the “i” to go to the app settings. There you can uninstall it.

Using the Google Play Store

The Android app store Google Play Store allows you to install new software and also uninstall the one you already have installed. It is a simple process that can be accessed as follows:

Enter Google Play, display the side menu and go to « My apps & games «.

Go to the “Installed” tab and find the applications you want to remove from your Android and enter its options.

The “Uninstall” message appears next to the “Open.” Press the first and go.

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