12 Signs that indicate your relationship is healthy


Every relationship when it starts, it carries us in the clouds, we live magical moments, we feel butterflies with every call or message, the world stops when you see it, the days have a special glow. But, as in each process, there comes a point where we begin to live the relationship from another place, it becomes part of everyday life. It is there, when we have to ask ourselves if we are on the right path, that which allows us to be the best person that everyone can be.

1. COMMUNICATION: Learning to say what I think and feel is essential. I know that it is not always easy, but opening the channels to speak (from the most trivial to the deepest feelings and desires) allows one to know and understand each other. If they talk, they have won a very, very good ground.

2. LAUGHS: The best relationships are those in which there are laughs in between. Laughing brings them closer. If they have the same sense of humor, the days become light and the problems more bearable.

3. SPACE: Being with someone does not mean that EVERYTHING should be done together. Everyone has their friends, family and tastes. It is essential that they have time alone, so, when they see each other again, they will enjoy their company so much more. Giving space and respecting individuality strengthens them. Trust me.

4. ADMIT THE ERRORS: Accepting a mistake avoids misunderstandings that may eventually lead to unnecessary dislikes. Say it without fear. We are all wrong, nothing happens!

5. CONSTRUCTION OF THE FUTURE: it can be as simple as planning next weekend, even if they believe in marriage or how many children each wants. Knowing that they have goals in common, allows them to develop calmly and build.

6. FORGIVENESS: knowing how to forgive the couple (without going against yourself) is necessary for a healthy relationship. It is no use saving resentments that later will make me explode or generate a fight. If I’m sure I want to continue with him, I must forgive and let go in order to move forward.

7. SUPPORT: Having someone who supports you by your side makes life richer. Both in your achievements and in your worst stages, a good couple will be with you to be the president of your fan club or who will hug you when you only want to cry.

8. RESPECT: each human being has different limits, those that make us feel good or say NO when something bothers us. Knowing and respecting the limits of the other can be valued and understood. Express yourself!

9. TRUST: what is the use of having a partner if you want to know each one of your steps as a GPS system, check your cell phone in case any «friend» searched for it or talk to you every 10 mins to find out who you are with. Trusting the other is decisive for things to work, mistrust and jealousy can become the worst hell that will surely end up separating them forever. If there is no trust, there is nothing …

10. COMMON INTERESTS: Enjoying the same things is amazing! The two love movies, love reading or listening to music, are sports fans, like to exercise or tour museums. Whatever your tastes, if you share what you love so much you will live unforgettable anecdotes.

11. SIMILAR SEXUAL VALUES: chemistry is essential, it is one of the bases that sustains the couple. It is important that you enjoy the same, that you feel comfortable and safe, so that your intimate moments are a unique experience.

12. LOVE: As obvious as it may seem, there must be real love between you. When we love another person, we seek their well-being, enjoy their presence and form a link from the best place there is. Falling in love every day with the same person … is love.

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