10 Best Flirting Tips To Attract More

Flirting is an attitude. It’s about exuding self-confidence and not being afraid to take risks and go outside. So even if you don’t feel it, pretend until you get it! As your self-confidence increases, so will the number of people who are attracted to you. (And self-confidence is quite sexy.) Have you ever noticed that it is not the most attractive person in the room that attracts attention, but the most accessible? That’s what these flirting tips can do for you.

First, always remember that the purpose of flirting is to make the other person feel as if he or she is the most important person on the face of the planet. Focus attention on who you are flirting with, not yourself. Flirting is the best icebreaker and reduces tension. It allows you to be playful, carefree and a little naughty without being too strong.

It is also a great way to let someone know that you think it is interesting, fun or attractive without telling you directly. Your flirtatious encounter can lead to a friendship, date, romance, marriage or a fabulous unique encounter that you will remember for a lifetime.

Practice the following tips to flirt and turn any ordinary encounter into an extraordinary experience. Your coquette will make your day and you will be very happy to have done it!

  1. Make the first move. 2. Move to the person you want to meet (one arm away is a perfect distance) and say something like: “Hello, I am (insert your name).” Saying hello with energy and enthusiasm is the best opening line. Life is not a general essay, and you never want to have regrets or a missed opportunity.
  2. Have fun with it. 3. Flirt for fun, not to get a date or a phone number. I know this sounds contradictory, but believe me it is not. The moment you focus on the future (such as getting a phone number, a date, etc.), your anxiety increases, you talk more and listen less, and your flirtation decreases, so your chances of getting a date decrease. Stay in the moment and enjoy the fun and jokes you are having. Laughing with someone is an instant connection.
  3. Make eye contact.
    Eye contact is the soul of flirting. Establish trust and intimacy. His eyes flirt independently and his pupils dilate when he comes into contact with someone he likes. The eye contact should not last more than two to four seconds. Making eye contact is a sign of self-confidence that will increase your attractiveness to others.
  4. Listen.
    It is not a biological accident that you have two ears and one mouth, it is because you must listen twice as much as you speak! The person you are interested in will be attracted to you because everyone likes to be heard. It makes someone feel accepted, valued and special. And make sure that while you are listening you nod and say things like uh huh to show that you are assimilating everything they are saying.
  5. Complied. This is my all-time favorite way to start a conversation. (But shhh is a secret!) The best compliments are those that are unique, different and have the element of surprise. Just make sure your compliments are honest, sincere and genuine. And the more specific the compliment, the greater the surprise factor. For example, if you see a woman who has beautiful long hair, give her a compliment that is more unexpected, such as, “I was very impressed at how kind she was with the exhausted bartender,” or, “I heard him talking about diving, he looks like an expert. ». That way you are not giving him the same old compliment you probably hear all the time.
  6. Use accessories. Never leave home without an accessory. Because props is the natural beginning of a conversation. An accessory is an accessory that makes a personal statement about you. They work so well because they give others the opportunity to talk with you about something tangible, rather than a random topic. Have you ever started a conversation with someone wearing a baseball cap or a T-shirt with the name of a school you have attended or a place you have visited? This instantly gives you a common point, without the need for an opening line. I love it when someone approaches me. All I have to do is return the flirting with humor and spontaneity. Some examples of the best props are dogs, children, unusual jewelry, ties or great socks, their smell, a shirt from your favorite travel destination, a shirt from your hometown, a handbag from a charity or a local business that you support, or reading material. Whatever it is, find something that works for you.
  7. Make flirting your new hobby. Even if you are super busy and have many hobbies, flirt your daily hobby. You can even flirt while doing your normal activities and doing double shifts. While shopping, walk your dog, jog in the morning, travel to work or lunch, make eye contact, smile and start talking to strangers. This makes the mundane moments of your day like waiting in line much more fun. The most important thing is that you don’t worry about being the perfect flirt. Showing your vulnerability and your ability to laugh at yourself is also very attractive.
  8. Start a conversation. We all have tongue locks when we want to talk to someone who attracts us. It happens to all of us. Imagine! Instead of worrying about your nervousness, have a few conversational beginnings on hand that set the ball in motion. The best way to start a conversation is to talk about your surroundings, anything and everything: the decoration, the people, the aroma of the food, the parking lot, the waiting time to enter, the weather or the traffic. Tune in all your senses and you will have a lot to say. Other easy conversations are asking a question, asking for help or giving an opinion. I promise you that if you try any of these, or a combination of them, your nerves will dissipate instantly.
  9. Be the host. Change your behavior from the role of guest at a party to host. «Playing host is taking away your pressure and giving you something to do. Good advice is to arrive early at the party or event. As the guests arrive you can be the welcome committee and introduce yourself to them, show them the place and offer food or drink suggestions (because you are the expert because you arrived a little earlier). When you change your attitude from being a passive participant to an active one, you show that you are interested and care about others. A victory for everyone!
  10. It’s okay to finish a flirt. If you feel uncomfortable or if the person you are flirting with is not reciprocal, a perceptive flirting knows when to end. Just say something like, “It was nice meeting you. I have to meet a friend, ”or“ Well, I have to go. ” Cut your losses and move on. Consider that it is your lucky day that the person with whom you are flirting let you know quickly that you do not like it. Smile and take your flirting to another place; There is always a next opportunity waiting for someone like you!

Flirting is your hobby, love is your passion, and your dream is that you have a love relationship!

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